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GEOSS CSR Version 3.2: Remove Service resource type

April 1, 2013

CSR v3.2 removes the "service" type from the Resource Category, and remove the association between compoenent and service. There will be no longer a distinction between Component and Service, and all the records will be combined to be refers as Resources.

The Center for Spatial Information Science and Systems (CSISS), George Mason University

GEOSS Component and Service Registry (CSR)

---A platform to contribute your resource to GEOSS community

The Components and Services Registry (CSR) is similar to a library catalogue. Resource providers of governments and organisations could register their resources in CSR through providing essential details about the name, contents, Earth observation vocabulary, standards and special arrangements (if any) of their contribution. This assists the GEOSS Clearinghouse, and ultimately the user, to identify the GEOSS resources of interest.